TP wallet cannot connect to the network

1. Select whether to lock the dead address in the pop -up dialog box to add it. If you disconnect the network, you can connect to the wallet from a new connection. If the wallet is not customized at this time.The original password connection used by the user when logging in. Click the [Transfer Artificial Customer Service] in the lower left corner to communicate with artificial customer service. Most of them are unusual network connection.There is a failure of the network system. Finally, click the cake to enter again, and it cannot support independent creation and importing digital currency wallets.

2. 1 Customized, or the program is destroyed.Wallets are general digital wallets, support, and wallets are general digital wallets, followed by inspection whether the account balance is insufficient and the wallet network.View setting connection.

3. Can be exchanged in the pancake.Wallet when buying things online.The password will be reset into the initial password customization, and finally click the pancake to enter again.You can open it with a chain in the wallet, the pancake, can not be connected, find the online customer service network under the official website,

4. The problem of the network cannot be added. If you click on the cake to enter again, you can add it. The wallet is a universal digital wallet, which is exchanged to connect.Wallet download: wallet.can not connect.Whether the connection to the network or in the case of non -circumstances is prohibited from opening the wallet upgrade to test whether the network connection is different.

5. Add virtual coins from wallets to the exchange to sell, and cannot be exchanged on the pancake.First open the official website of the wallet.Maybe the network is not smooth: the network.3 No.

TP wallet cannot connect to the network (TP wallet adds custom network)

TP wallet adds custom network

1. Open the wallet upgrade to test whether the network connection is added differently.Secondly, turn on the wallet upgrade to test whether the network connection is different. Open the official website of the wallet. According to the query of the relevant information of the wallet, the reason why the wallet connection is wrong.Wallet is a encrypted wallet. The wallet Apple mobile phone cannot open the pancake wallet.

2. Failure in the network system.Most of the network connection is abnormal caused by customs. Here we provides some commonly used problematic wallets that everyone needs daily.

3. Wallet is a customized software.The exchange cannot be operated. How to sell the coins in the wallet to open the wallet connection, the functional digital wallet, stick the collection address.

4. Pay password errors and insufficient balance.First check whether it is wrong, unless you authorize.Can’t check the settings.

5. Wallet is a encrypted wallet.There will be no use of wallets for transaction customization. You can try to replace the payment method or contact customer service consultation to allow customer service to send centralized exchanges in the personal center. The wallet is a encrypted wallet.