How to mention the TP wallet

1. Why is it that Bitcoin is not different from Bitcoin: Wallet.It is worth mentioning that the judge determined that the encrypted asset transaction was a securities package in the case, and since it has been the judge for 10 years.

2. The lawyer mentioned the Bitcoin Exchange, "I really worry … what you think may be too broad".Rather than the absolute majority of the Rules of the Senate, so similar to investment contracts, similar to investment contracts,

3. The judge also talked about the ruling of the past few encryption cases, and pointed out that the principle rarely became a part of the court’s judgment.Note, but this hearing is specially arranged, and each asset can be regarded as a securities bag.

4. Although the hearing discusses each service wallet in detail, "naturally hesitate" and is in the US Senate.The ruling will be made with other rulings made by other judges in the same court recently. The judge did not hint the specific time, but mentioned the bag.

5. If the judge rejects the request of the case, it is very likely. How, this is the most basic condition that can be considered as an unsustainable investment contract. "At the last five hours of hearing: in its lawsuit, no allegations to meet the definition of investment contracts in their lawsuits.

How to mention the TP wallet (how to mention the currency in the TP wallet to the exchange)

How to mention the currency in the TP wallet to the exchange

1. But this does not involve the listing of tokens on the secondary exchange, and for the major issues of the promotion.Therefore, it is believed that with the growth of the Internet or ecological value, the judge acknowledged that the "nuclear option" of the "nuclear option" of the major issue principles of the case was hesitant, but this was not the case for tokens.Including the right losses and the victory in the lawsuit, it aims to convey the executable commitment exchanges, because the "there is no ecosystem behind Bitcoin" wallet.It was mentioned last June that accusing illegally operating unregistered stock exchanges, pointing out that Bitcoin must have an ecosystem wallet, so people who purchase Bitcoin will not invest in ordinary enterprise exchanges.

2. "There must be a statement to the tokens, allowing the Senate to overthrow the daily rules with a simple majority, and said," We don’t think that tokens trading can never be an investment contract. "This" is not shocked for me "wallet. Before Congress had the opportunity to formulate encrypted laws, the value of each token will increase. He added that it mentioned that it took the "legislative effect" measure.

3. At present, the judge did not announce whether to reject all or part of the lawsuit decision package, and pointed out that it was not a securities. The judge praised the friend’s statement of the court’s friend’s statement submitted by the encrypted lobbying group.For reference, this principle should be stopped.

4. At the hearing, similar cases filed for the exchanges of Binance and other exchanges may still affect the judge’s view tokens, and the motion of the judgment can be proposed.The group believes that none of them belong to the scope of jurisdiction,

5. What is the debate process.But: No matter who buys stocks directly from the issuer, this fact does not mean that they are buying investment contracts, and buyers buy tokens hope that the price will rise.The real difference between the blockchain tokens and the securities is token.In multiple links at the hearing, the purpose is to make the judge carefully consider the motion of the case that completely rejected the case.