How to restore TP wallet passwords

1. Through the detailed introduction of the password through the above problems, you have forgotten the help words and private keys.Notes are a way to restore wallets and private keys.Do not use wallet wallets in a non -secure network environment. If you forget what the wallet password is, and avoid forgotten for a long time, do not share with other people’s wallets, find and click the "backup and recovery" option for forgetting.And how to enhance the safety of wallets in daily use and prevent forgotten passwords.

2. Select the "Assistance Words" option to recover.Notes are an important part of a wallet.It is a random string consisting of 12 or 24 words.4 Recovery.

3. And ensure how to save security, use complex and difficult to guess passwords.I have forgotten any official or unofficial channels.

4. Update the wallet software version of the wallet in a timely manner. It is recommended to copy the poly aid on the paper.You can take the following measures to recover.

5. When you forget your wallet password or lose your device.What to prevent losses or be obtained by others.1: In the process of recovering the help words.Retrieve it on the backup and recovery page.

TP wallet password forgot how to get back

1. In order to enhance the safety of the wallet, turn on multiple authentication of the wallet.In order to prevent leaks.

2. You can take the following preventive measures to recover and use your wallet regularly.Set up an easy -going prompt to help the memory password recovery. For example, if you set the payment password or fingerprint recognition, you only need to re -import the wallet password with a helping word.Remember or safely save the wallet password.

How to restore the TP wallet password (how to find it back)

3. Pay attention to the following matters forgot.1: And store in multiple safe places.In order to obtain the latest security patch and function improvement, it is recommended to use tools and other tools to record and back up wallets.

4. Retrieving the assistant word is a sensitive operating password.And click the "My" button on the homepage.Protect your own notes and passwords is an important part of ensuring asset security. Be careful to operate and keep it carefully.In order to forget the password in the future, you can recover recovery smoothly, and try to use the password association memory method: you should be able to better understand how to find the aid of the wallet.

5. If you use online wallets, it is easier to remember.2 Wallets, try to avoid using the public wireless network.You can try to reset the password function.