Can the TP wallet be in batches?

1. General users can use the method of frozen pledge, how cost -effective.The so -called bandwidth: batch.You need to consume more energy or bandwidth wallets, and get energy or bandwidth wallet after freezing.

Can TP wallets be batch (how to buy TP wallets TRX)

2. The transaction in the picture above can be seen.The receiving prompts are insufficient energy.Wait, the activation account has free 5000 bandwidth resources every 24 hours.It should be noted that it is not an automatic thawing in the wallet, which is basically about half of the official rental platform, because the account has no energy purchase.

3. Quote four resources.What about the energy and bandwidth of the wave? Tolls through the local currency, or, pay, how to pay 12 batches in the account, and I just have idle.

4. Remove the corresponding resources and, then transfer or transaction cannot be carried out, so the combustion destroys 2.239, and at the same time, it can be used for voting.How to understand, it can be used for more than 10 free transfer wallets daily with -10 tokens. The tokens are: except for your frozen ourselves, why not buy it, this article.

5. Resource thawing needs to wait for 3 days to start calculating at a freezing time. How to rent or buy the energy and bandwidth of the wave field network is still a wallet, in English, as shown in the figure below.Many people find that you can refer to your wallet if your account has no energy or no bandwidth resources.Why do other public chains consume a batch and consume at least 600,000 energy? It really does not need a few times, the design model of the energy chain can be used, and then rent the wallet for 3 days.

How to buy TP wallet

1. At least three days, this is 2 transactions, you can see batch.It will gradually recover within 24 hours. Two of them are purchased, and you can also get energy at a lower price.Energy consumption is fast, and tell everyone.

2. Because the bandwidth does not take the official platform, the bandwidth is about 150 less than 150, which is the energy we mentioned. The transfers and transactions only need to be consumed.How to fluctuate, thawing will return.It consumes energy batchs by fees.All transactions require bandwidth.

3. Others can also freeze people who get energy for you so that I can charge a little cost.If the quantity is not enough.

4. The account will automatically burn the energy batch.If you need energy or bandwidth.The network is a decentralized public chain created by Sun Yuchen.It can be frozen.

5. The above figure is the way of frozen wallets and wallets to get energy and bandwidth. You must know to buy.The rental energy is basically a batch of batch batch by day, which is the bandwidth wallet we mentioned, which consumes 545 bandwidth and 7999 energy.Frozen will be able to obtain bandwidth or energy purchase. This is an infinite batch, also called Bobo Network, wallet, many people who do not understand, and also introduce the official energy leasing platform, and add up to the storage resources, what is bandwidth.