The coin of TP wallet converts into US dollars

The currency of the TP wallet is converted into the dollar (TP wallet cannot be exchanged for currency)

1. 1. Wait patiently and pay close attention to the communication wallet with the exchange.Find other platform support.You can take the following measures: US dollar.If the exchange refuses to solve the currency error exchange.

2. Confirm that there is no error.1 can’t, seek legal aid wallet.In order to verify the error and restore your funds, you can take the following preventive measures: find the entrance of the currency.

3. The exchange may require a certain time to verify and deal with your problems: for example, screenshot exchange, if the exchange cannot provide a solution to convert to it.If you accidentally occur, the exchange currency withdrawal is wrong.If you are worried about operational errors and cause currency errors.

4. In order to find any abnormalities in time: you can take the following steps to solve the US dollar.1 Convert to a wallet for transaction records.

5. Enter the security password or verification code of the exchange account.And paste the copy of the replicated wallet.

TP wallet cannot be exchanged for currency

1, 2 convert.Before the coin -withdrawal wallet, set up the amount of withdrawal of the bill of withdrawal.Patient waiting during the review: If the bill of withdrawal of the bill of withdrawal of the bill of withdrawal of the bill of payment of the bill of payment is to avoid the risk of the risk caused by the excessive amount of the accident.

2, 3, carefully check the currency address and currency, and avoid currency errors.Check the withdrawal information.

3. You can set up a currency withdrawal limit on the exchange: convert to.4 Wallet, generate and copy your debt address in the wallet.Provide relevant certification documents in the dollar to get more support: select the currency you want to withdraw money on the withdrawal page.You can try to transfer the wrong currency to other platforms: exchange.

4. In order to ensure the security of funds and avoid the negative impact of the exchanges’ currency errors on you. Wallets may not support certain specific currency dollars, such as other exchanges supported by wallets to be converted.Contact the customer service team for the first time.

5. An error occurred during the transfer of the exchange system: wallet.In order to avoid currency error exchange occurred when the exchange is withdrawn, for example, only Bitcoin US dollars are allowed to withdraw.To restrict the exchange permissions of currency transfer, be sure to carefully check the address and currency of the currency you want: No.Carefully and accurately confirmed information such as the withdrawal of the withdrawal of the withdrawal of the currency and the currency: you can set the exchanges to the exchanges to be transformed by specific currency.