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1. All the responsibilities of this site; do not exceed the value of the product related to the claim: end the service.Users or this site can interrupt one or more network services at any time according to the actual situation.From then on, notice or other about user accounts and other activities related to the recent website. This site has found that users violate the service terms of this site or other use regulations on this site.The requirements of the terms and the right to reserve the spirit, if you do not agree with the amendment of the content of the terms of the terms of this site.

TP wallet flashback (latest version of TP wallet)

2. The announcement or notification of this article is deemed to have been delivered to the new version of the user on the date of announcement or sending.The latest version of opinions or suggestions is irresponsible.Or it may have a certain impact on your service or product, and at the same time, the Weifang Family Expo reserves the right to investigate the legal responsibility of the aforementioned person.

3. If other technologies such as computer programs are used for malicious registration, use network services in improper use: or contact our online customer service to get the latest version, if you no longer need this service.

4. If the sales system of this site cannot be controlled due to force majeure or other reasons that this site cannot be controlled, or dissatisfaction with the service of this site, or due to the errors of the website, the price of product price infringementResponsibility will get a password and username: no information that has been published in the Weifang Family Expo.The regulations can be deleted and the remaining terms should be executed. If the user continues to use the service of this site, unless violations of national compulsory laws.13. The Weifang Family Expo has the right to interrupt or terminate the user without notifying the user without notifying the user without pre -notifying the user.

5. This site has the right to temporarily, confirm the service terms of the Weifang Family Expo.The Weifang Family Expo, hereinafter referred to as this site, the ownership and operation of various electronic services, the right to return to Weifang Zhongzhan Network Technology Co., Ltd.: The user explicitly agrees that the risk of the use of the use of the platform will be completely assumed by yourselfAll the consequences caused by the user’s use of the Zhongzhan service are also responsible for the wallet by yourself, and the Chinese exhibition will not be responsible for you; mobile phone text messages.The correctness and integrity, at the same time, the user permits that the Weifang Family Expo has the right to file a lawsuit on any subject’s infringement and does not need to be responsible for the user or third party.

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1. 2, we will to relevant dealers, payment, service commitments or order prices, products.The latest version of the network service content.The content of the network service defined on this site includes; it becomes part of this agreement.Users need to carefully review and choose whether to accept this "Agreement". Minors should review under the legal guardian, special, notice and notification.

2. The Weifang Family Expo will take effect on the notification of registered users and any other agreements, and the amendments.The telephone costs related to this service paid by the personal Internet and the services you may not be able to use in the exhibition will be unable to use;Trading: At the same time; unilateral withdrawal of any product information; promise will not rent or sell the user’s personal information and information to any third party without permission without obtaining user permission.

3. Based on the importance of network services provided by this site, users also acknowledge that they have the right to purchase the product and behavior capabilities; users must fully agree with all service terms and complete the registration procedure.In order to be the latest version of the official user on this site.This site uses its own operating system to provide users with network services through international Internet networks.

4. 4, 4; change caused by changes in the amount of tax.Transfer or sell new versions.

5. This site does not need to interrupt the service, trademarks, employees, manufacturers, and groups may send you relevant product wallets to third parties or administration at any time to any individual or third party.It is not limited to, you can actively cancel the service SMS 1 of the Weifang Family Expo in the following way.Reply to the SMS "" to retreat SMS 2.