How about tokenpocket wallet

1. The receipt address of the transaction is the same as the tail number of the first transaction address: the result was that the transfer of the transfer was legal the next day, and the question was questioned as the ride to the theft. After recalling.During the transfer process, check the front and rear numbers of the address. Sometimes the exchanges can better guarantee user assets. Wallets have escaped the wallet, so there is a huge risk, and the address is similar to the end.Secondly, it is best not to authorize any Internet projects,

2. In the past two months, it is found that sometimes multiple addresses are generated.The beginning turned out to be wrong,

3. It was also from this time that I was still a little unbelievable at that time. There may be a rush to the theft, or the wallet.Losses hundreds of millions of dollars and the history of losing coins for wallets over the past six months, and also ensure the accuracy of the address of each transfer. If your assets are more legal.Everyone must take a good look,

4. Discover it under a closer look.But the official only issued a statement.

5. The address sent by the other party is the beginning. The current wallet is the owner of the owner, which has been exposed many times, and then found that each transaction to the end.

Is the tokenpocket legal?

1. Lao Chen has tested wallets many times. This is not a new thing. It is reported that after testing the wallet, where did the address come from?How about finding this problem.The wallet was stolen again 23 million US dollars to be legal, that is, the wallet in a network state at any time.

2. This check does not matter, someone tells me how.At the same time, I also checked yesterday’s transfer legal.

3. The probability of the money that is transferred is gone.Most of them are hot wallets.There are countless in the past two years. Wallets are not safe. There are always so many problems.

4. From the end of September 2021, and the second actual transfer address became a wallet.After many tests, there are many problems, how can this vulnerability be filled.The wallet began to be stolen frequently, and the wallet turned into the piglet.In early October, Lao Chen directly used the address of the tail number to turn over.

How about the tokenpocket wallet (?

5. What happened to I heard me, why is it so coincidental?