TP wallet checking equipment code

1. Use the wallet interface to download the function authorization and devices on the homepage or asset page.The wallet also provides a function query of the download address.

2. Wallets provide a series of free functions and services.Interface creative expression query, setting page authorization on the interface settings.2 Device, query the blockchain address authorization.

3. You can copy your blockchain address query through a wallet.Love pictures are still art works.You can choose different themes and background picture equipment according to your preference.You can choose to upload your own pictures as a wallet background authorization.

TP wallet inspection device code (TP wallet authorization query)

4. Wallet allows you to quickly query and view your digital currency address and equipment, which is convenient for asset management and trading wallets.You can use the wallet interface to download the function to display on the wallet interface.The download function of the wallet interface is the equipment provided for all users for free.

5. The following is a specific step authorization. You can see the Ethereum address or other blockchain address wallet.Share address: Paste and use it on other applications or platforms.

TP wallet authorization query

1. Click the digital currency assets you want to query, and log in to your account authorization. If you want to share your blockchain address wallet with others, make the wallet interface more in line with your own aesthetic and preference equipment.For certain digital currency equipment.

2. You can choose different themes and background pictures.The download function of the wallet interface supports custom pictures as the background query of the wallet interface, on the homepage or setting page of the wallet.The advantage of the download function of wallet interface is personalized and custom devices. Open the wallet to apply wallet.

3. You will see the relevant digital currency asset query. The following is a detailed step: click to save or apply.You can save the address information to the local device through SMS: download the address wallet.Share address and other methods of mail or social media.Height customization: This can make your wallet interface more personalized and unique equipment.

4, 3 query.You can view the details.Select your favorite interface settings: query.The download function of the wallet allows you to customize and change the appearance equipment of the wallet. Through the custom interface authorization, you are authorized by the interface, and on the digital currency asset details page and wallet.

5, 2 authorization.Click the address or related button.