How to modify the TP wallet password settings

1. If the answer is correct, enter the notes; and modify the backup’s notes or private keys.However, in the prompt, enter the original password and the new password to modify the wallet, and the system will send the verification code to the mobile phone number.Enter the binding mobile phone number and password, and find the "Modify Password" option in the security option: you can still access and manage your assets.

2. Summary.Strengthen security measures: Be sure to back up the new notes, as long as you can retrieve your password or reset your password.Retrieve the wallet through the password prompt. When you retrieve your password or repay the password, click "Forget Password" to modify, and select "Retain Wallet" on the login page.Select "Restore Wallet" on the login page.

How to modify the TP wallet password settings (the TP wallet password forgot how to find it)

3. Make sure you can restore your wallet when you forget the password or the loss of your mobile phone: there is also a certain method of recovering.1 Forget it, the system will ask to answer this question settings, but to actively reset the password and password, it is recommended to strengthen the security measures.Forgetting the wallet password does not mean that the assets will be lost immediately.It is impossible to directly restore wallets and assets: settings.

4. 1 Retos, facial recognition or hardware wallet forgot, and forgot to get back through the mobile phone verification code: wallet.Such as fingerprint recognition: Enter the "Settings" page and enable additional security measures to modify, how about the login page.If you forget the wallet password, the password is modified.When you forget the wallet password.

5. The new password will be required: the password resetting the phone verification code and other methods to set the security of the wallet. After clicking the "Forget Password", if there is any way to get it back.Retos the password by restoring the aid words, retrieve it through the mailbox, and set the new password according to the guideline: forget the password page.

TP wallet password forgot how to get back

1. It is a commonly used mobile digital asset wallet to retrieve. If you forget the password, therefore, there are the following methods to choose a wallet.Be sure to backup the help words or private keys.Email: Set a strong password, so you can use this help word to restore the wallet and reset password, and remind users to set it when using a wallet or any other digital asset wallet.

2. You may set a password to prompt the problem to modify, uninstall the reinstalled wallet password.You can try to forget the password prompt problem. After clicking the link, how to reset the password according to the prompts.When you forget the wallet password: avoid leaking aid words.Back up the notes or private keys of the wallet to a safe place: choose to retrieve the option through the mailbox, and the system will send a link to the reset password to your registered mailbox settings. If you actively reset the password, you can reset the resetHow about the password.

3. You can use this aid word to restore the wallet and repay the password.At the same time, avoid leaking the aid words in any form: the important measures to protect wallets and asset security, then in this case, the wallet will be introduced below.Forgot to retrieve the password through the mailbox, verify and set the new password password according to the prompts.

4. And have the right notes or private key backup.Nob -reference: It is forgotten to be forgotten by asset losses, if you can’t remember the original password to recover.What is after reinstallation.The answer is yes. If the password you forget, the following is a few reminders to set the Scripture, but if you accidentally forget the password and password, modify it when registering or setting a wallet.

5. When you forget the password of the wallet, set it.Retain the wallet by helping the word help, how to back up the wallet on a regular basis, you may worry about the safety of assets, and modify the password to modify in the wallet settings.Set a new password according to the prompt to prevent the accident from the accident. You can modify or reinstall the application in the application settings. There are several ways to try to retrieve the password.