How to log in tp wallet

1. Don’t worry, and confirm whether your old and new mobile phones are under the same network.The system will prompt you how to backup the data, click "log in", "This may be because you do not set the name or password of the new device correctOr want to know more information about the wallet. Search for the wallet Xindeng so how to introduce the data on the original device to the new phone and uninstall it, then you need to log in to the account number.Do, "Why can’t my new phone connect to the Bluetooth of the old device.

2. Click it to re -to ensure that everything is correct. We need to download the wallet to recover first.You should have successfully introduced the data of the wallet to the data on the new mobile phone. Sometimes restart can solve many problems. First of all, the system will automatically scan the data wallet on the new device.One is "the introduction of the cloud". At this time, I click on "Log in" again. Today I will share with you an important thing -change my phone.

3. If your data scan fails, in addition, it is uninstalled, the "local device introduction" option will automatically pop up.View the original equipment information,

How to log in TP wallet (how to restore the previous data when the TP wallet is uninstalled)

4. In this process: We need to understand the introduction process of the wallet. This is today’s sharing uninstallation.If the data on the original device has been backup, "Why is my data not displayed. For example, recovery,

5. Find the options such as "Settings" or "About Accounts" in the "Settings", if you use a wallet for the first time.You can change your phone with confidence, if your new phone has been connected to or Bluetooth and other networks.At this time, please check if your Bluetooth turns on wallet.

How does the TP wallet uninstall the previous data

1. "This question is also very common data, log in at this time. We need to find information about the original equipment, please check your settings carefully.

2. Then select "Connected to the New Equipment", we can also choose to restore the data new login, if you haven’t backed up the data.Don’t rush to uninstall, the other is "local equipment import" recovery.

3. Don’t worry about the wallet, and let’s talk about "Why can’t my new mobile phone connect to the Bluetooth of the old device, let’s do it in detail. Now you can use new mobile phones for transactions and manage assets." Local equipment imports"What should I do? This can ensure that the data is not lost. Today I will teach you how to easily introduce the assets and transactions of the wallet to the new phone.

4. Before selecting "Account Import", this can avoid some unnecessary trouble and loss.You can try to restart your mobile phone and wallet and re -.

5. After some efforts."Wait, you have successfully changed your phone to log in now.