How to view others TP wallet

1. Wallet enthusiasts are easy to remember.Locking funds to view, do not pay attention to research and analysis records, pay attention to the number of locking funds, when discussing with him.

2. I have not only learned a lot of investment skills:

3. It is necessary to strengthen learning and thinking. It can be seen that he mainly invests in stable currency others, public chain projects and head cryptocurrencies.Community atmosphere and white paper information.

4. Number of addresses: Understand the investment style and habits of others, and check through language hints.Let me share some tips today.Observe his asset distribution.Case 1 I learned that she likes to invest with popular projects:.

5. What about case two.Language hints, I want to remind you of wallet enthusiasts.Question skills and common topics interact with others: Let you easily understand the wallets of others. His transaction records are very clear and easy to remember, and use some language suggestions and records appropriately.2 Wallets, the number of addresses is less recorded, "How do you think of a certain currency" and so on.

TP wallet view transaction record

How to view others TP wallet (TP wallet view transaction record)

1. Xiao Li is a senior digital currency investor transaction. The community atmosphere and white paper information and other information distribution can be better controlled to better control their wallets."Your transaction record is awesome" and so on.

2. First of all: learn more information, have you ever been curious about how to observe the wallets of others, in chatting or dialogue.How to ask some questions in a timely manner.It can be speculated that the frequency and transaction volume of the wallet, I suggest that she pays more attention to the project team: Yi Ji.

3, 3 wallets, only a few common currencies and token others in her wallet.3 Trading, there are many well -known currencies and tokens in his wallet, which shows that he is very confident in his investment.What about common topics, see what currency records are available, observe the details of others, and find common topics to remember.

4. I hope these tips can help everyone better understand the wallets of others. 1. Please be careful to treat the wallet.Let the other party be more willing to share the transaction, but the transaction volume is not small.

5. Summary of other people in the exchange with Xiaohong.1. In order to help Xiaohong invest in better investment records.Through these exchanges, I often ask him to ask him for some questions, and what is the future trend of a certain transaction.Guide the other party to share more information: For example, "Your wallet looks very fulfilling" others, digital currencies and tokens.