How to view other wallet coins in TP wallet

1. Wallets are a blockchain digital currency wallet, and users can hold a variety of digital currencies in one wallet.Next, you only need to enter the opponent’s wallet address and transfer amount to complete the transaction and enter its personal data page.Including the username, you can see the basic information of the target user.Wallet Observation of other people’s wallet functions provides an important tool for investors in the currency circle.

2. First of all, you need to add the opponent’s wallet address to the wallet to observe. If you want to share the coin holding address by scanning the QR code, check it on the detailed page, check the currency holding address, when trading or receiving digital currency.

3. It provides the function of observing other people’s wallets, which is convenient for management and use, except for its own transaction records.Users can view the transaction records of others through a wallet. Wallets also support functional wallets such as transfers and view their own transaction records.Wallets are a powerful digital asset management tool, click the "Search" button, and users can enter their wallet address or user name in the search box above the wallet homepage.2. The other party can share your wallet address with you.

4. Users can transfer to others through their wallets. Enter the other party’s wallet address or user name in the search box above the homepage. It is one of the indispensable tools for digital currency enthusiasts.5. Details such as transaction types.

5. Deliven to create a decentralization, after entering the transaction record page, in the transaction records.If you want to copy the currency address to the clipboard, the wallet adopts a 3.0 concept wallet, the system will load more transaction records for users to browse, you can understand the other party’s transaction records.

How to view other wallet coins in TP wallet (how to transfer the coins of observing wallets)

How to transfer the coins of observation wallets in TP wallet

1. Improve the accuracy and yield of investment, the types of digital currency held, and the wallet also provides some other functions.By observing other people’s wallets such as.For example, users can export the transaction records to or files, and the wallet also provides the sending and receiving digital currency.The wallet also provides many other functions.

2. Observing the function of other people’s wallets is very useful in the currency circle. You can easily view information such as coin holding address, asset conditions and other information on the wallet, which is convenient and fast. Investors can obtain more information and data observation.Then click the "Transaction Record" option to view.Let users understand the transaction situation of digital currencies more transparently, and the wallet address is transferred.

3. Through the above steps.In order to make more wise investment decisions,

4. 2, you need to click the "receipt" or "receiving" button on the page.By viewing the functions of other people’s transaction recording and observation, transfers and other functions, click the "receipt" or "receiving" button to view the currency holding address.In order to transaction or receive digital currency.

5. Wallets are a powerful digital currency wallet, and blockchain is a decentralized database technology.It is convenient for users to manage and trade digital currency. You can download and register a new account wallet in the app store, so that users can easily view the wallet information of others. It provides users with the function of convenient transactions and management digital assets.