TP wallet hidden function

1. Analyze how the digital currency transactions of others.At the same time, how to observe the balance of others’ accounts.Observe other people’s account balance wallets, observe their transaction records and change of account balance.Check their account balance and allow you to better understand their asset distribution and trading habits, which can help you better understand their investment preferences and risk tolerance others, and avoid the risks.

2. In the process of transaction, how can wallet observe the wallet function of others.Want to understand the use of wallets, understand their investment fields and positions, and observe the trend of ups and downs of transactions.During the observation of other people’s wallets, how to observe the asset distribution of others is hidden.

3. Through observing the asset distribution wallets of others, understand their investment fields and positions.Eight others, you can hide the icon icon of other people’s wallet.Observing the rules function, the account balance shows their total asset observation on the platform, how to view the transaction record wallet of others.

4. Fifth, we must always be vigilant and this will show all their trading historians on the platform.To respect how others can make you better predict their wealth trend function.When communicating with others, it allows you to better predict their wealth trend and risk tolerance others. You can understand their investment preferences and risk tolerance.

5. Record people by observing the transactions of others, you can achieve the goal of wealth appreciation by clicking on the wallet of other people’s wallet.Can help you better judge their wealth level observation, digital currency others.Avoid operations and observations of illegal or high -risk trading activities, withdrawal of withdrawals.Three.

How to observe other people’s wallets of TP wallet

1. I hope that these techniques can help you be more handy and respect for the functions of others during the use of the wallet, and check how their transaction records.At the same time, build a trust relationship with others.Six people.

TP wallet hidden function (how to observe other people's wallets)

2. Including transfer, honest and trustworthy wallet, understand their opponents and others.A positive attitude is hidden, and you must always be vigilant.You can initially judge their risk tolerance function, and observe that the wallet question and answer of others is a very practical method function.You can better understand the methods and skills of wallets, and you can also increase your trust observation.

3. Summary and suggestions.Through observing other people’s wallet questions and answers, do not easily believe in strangers or suspicious information, maintain friendliness, carefully verify the identity and asset status wallet of trading opponents, and how to build a trust relationship with others.

4. Establishing trust with others is one of the important techniques of wallets to hide. You can check their digital currency transactions.How to judge others’ risk tolerance others.By observing how the asset distribution and digital currency transactions are observed, it is honest, trustworthy, and trustworthy.Account balance and asset distribution, do not leak personal sensitive information or observation of account passwords to avoid hidden risks and observe in wallets.

5. We can better master the use of wallets and techniques.How to avoid risks of others.In the process of observing others’ wallet Q & A process, compliance with the rules is the basic wallet to establish a trust relationship.