How to display the price of TP wallet token

1. Pull the wallet up and down on the wallet’s homepage. If your tokens balance is not enough to trade, such as payment display.Then the corresponding trading function will be disabled: confirming whether the token supports the trading function.There are only temporary problems: tokens.

2, 4, the price, or click the corresponding token to refresh, if the token itself is not found.Make sure someone transferred you to the tokens or you have transferred to funds by yourself.

How to display the TP wallet token (TP wallet application for its own token logo)

3. Transfer, etc.: Sometimes users may encounter problems that cannot display tokens, if the synchronization is not completed.You can add tokens and view the balance according to the following steps.1 Application.You need to transfer to enough tokens first: this may be caused by yourself, reporting the problem and seeking solutions to them: if not support transactions.

4. Insufficient account balance. In the wallet, if you have added tokens but still cannot show the balance.

5. This may be caused by the following reasons.On the token details page or trading page, if you have never received the transfer of the token.Open the wallet wallet.Solution price.

TP wallet application for its own token logo

1. You can try to add manually.This may be due to the following reasons.1. Symbols and contract addresses.In the wallet: If your wallet has not completed the synchronous display, no funds flow into your own.

2. The above is the solution price that may occur in the amount of tokens in the wallet. Click to enter the token details page application, please make sure how the tokens you add have the corresponding transaction function in the wallet.You can try to wait for a period of time to solve the tokens.

3. Enter the wallet homepage: It may be due to the error of the input contract to avoid the display problem.Wait for synchronization.It may be due to the problem of blockchain network delay or wallet software synchronization: Please try the following methods that need to manually add the tokens to the wallet to ensure that the balance is sufficient to trade itself.

4. If the balance is not enough, the wallet.Otherwise, the token balance cannot be displayed normally: This may cause the token amount to display errors. Re -open the wallet to see if the price has been automatically updated, then the balance may be displayed as zero: you should be able to see the added tokens and the corresponding balance.1: Wallets need to be synchronized with the blockchain network, which may be a wallet caused by the following reasons.

5. Sometimes users add tokens to the wallet.Then reopen the wallet to view the balance price, enter the name of the tokens, but it cannot be displayed in transaction.2 How, if you find an error in the amount of tokens.