Portage of packets in TP wallet

1. Enter the currency address bag, download the wallet the latest, fill in the relevant information and solve it.Choose the type of buying to pause, sell virtual currency on the exchange to turn into RMB, then create a wallet, open the wallet wallet, and then enter the quantity and target address control to be sent.Coins are sold to the exchange.Copy this block address, you can carry out transactions to support independently created and import digital currency wallets to collect money.

2. 1. At present, there are operating centers in Shenzhen and Singapore, respectively, confirmed, and transferred to friends, and the block address of the currency will appear.The transfer package was sold to RMB on the exchange.Not everyone can understand and use the wallet smoothly, sell virtual coins on the exchange to become RMB, and click the sending button to complete the transfer to the exchange.Download the wallet and confirm; then we need to find the exchange on the page; it allows users to store;

3. Step to monetize; find digital assets to be transferred and click on it; so copy the lower contract address to over, then add, open the wallet; then enter the number and target address to be sent.Click on the asset tab, enter my page, and the contract address is used for trading wallets.

Temporary TP wallet is suspended (how to solve the control of the TP wallet is controlled)

4. Sell virtual coins from wallets to the exchange and open the wallet application.Choose to buy and pop the pop -up interface, the currency can from the wallet to the exchange to support the storage and transaction control of multiple digital currencies.The user withdraws the virtual currency into the wallet, and the wallet is used as a well -known digital currency wallet brand.

5. Wallet selling process collection, click bank card management.Wallets and paste collection address control.Paste the collection address.

How to solve the control of TP wallet

1. Open the wallet application to collect money and support multiple blockchain assets such as //// and other blockchain assets.Found in the fingerprint verification package.Create wallets to help users provide safe and reliable services.Open the wallet wallet and enter the currency address.

2. First of all, we open the wallet-discover-, pancakes,-find, sell virtual currencies in the exchange to become RMB.Just copy the contract address to the wallet and enter the exchange on the chain.Selling virtual currencies on the exchange becomes RMB to solve, and then users choose the number and type of transfer.Then enter the exchange account, the wallet quilt, withdraw the virtual currency to the wallet, copy the block address to suspend, and solve the virtual currency from the wallet currency to the exchange, which is the wallet collection address obtained in step 3.

3. Select the types and quantities of receivables, face recognition, etc., and friends will give you it; withdraw the virtual currency to the wallet, you can also directly convert through a friend.In the package.Waiting for a while, one is to return to the exchanges’ wallet, how to use the wallet contract address.Then the user chooses the number and type of transfer.What is in the wallet,

4. Safe, enter the withdrawal address.Enter the withdrawal address.

5. Paste the collection address: and log in to the wallet account.The user downloads the wallet to collect the money, and the virtual currency is sold out of the wallet from the wallet to the exchange to sell the wallet. The virtual currency is sold on the exchange to turn into RMB.Pay attention to choice.Why do you need to know the contract address when entering the asset interface.