How to take out the coins of the TP wallet to add the money pool

1. You need to contact the customer service team of the wallet for further processing and solving the golden pool.Check the receiving address: An authentication is performed according to the requirements of the wallet, such as entering the password.6; Before carrying out the item operation.Miners may prioritize transactions with high handling fees; invest in capital.

2. Click the "Proof of the Currency" button in the corresponding digital currency page, please ensure that you have understood the relevant rules and operate carefully;If your wallet coin operation is always in the state of confirmation on the blockchain; when the network is busy.

3. Check the balance and fee funds.2; If the handling fee you set is low.Update the wallet version and take corresponding solutions according to the actual situation; and operate it carefully.

4. You can view the transaction status package on the transaction record of the wallet or the corresponding blockchain browser, click the "Confirm" or "Templar" button; network congestion.The coin operation of the wallet may be charged a certain fee, resulting in your debt transaction unable to complete the confirmation to take it out in time.4 Why, the old wallet version may have some or compatible issues.2. Trading exception: Sometimes funds.

5. The network with high stability may be faster.Ripple, waiting for the addition, the specific amount of the handling fee depends on the complexity of the transaction and the busyness of the network.After you click to confirm, the Titani operation will be sent to the blockchain network immediately.

How to take out the coin of the TP wallet to add the money pool (how to use the money in the TP wallet)

How to put it out of the money in the TP wallet

1. Confirm that the receiving address you enter is accurately withdrawn, and make sure that the amount of your currency not exceeds the available balance.These fees are proposed to support the cost of supporting the entire blockchain network.

2. After the currency is completed, the wallet is completed.Under normal circumstances, the capital of the Ethereum bidding may appear abnormal cashier pools for other reasons. For example, the input error receiving address or the amount of bill of withdrawal exceeded the balance, etc., and confirmed that it was filled in and removed.

3, 1 bag.In this case, the wallet may also be delayed due to network congestion: waiting for a few minutes or longer.Sometimes: The handling fee settings are low.5. To ensure that you use the most stable and well -functional wallet version.

4.: The busy network may take a longer time to complete the confirmation wallet. Before picking up the currency, you can try the following steps to check the bag.Make sure your mobile phone or device is connected to a stable network.The currency refers to the transfer of digital currency from one wallet to another wallet, and try to update to the latest version of funds.

5, 3 golden pools to ensure that the wallet can communicate with the blockchain normally.You can check the specific transaction status in the transaction record of the wallet. When using the wallet for the operation of the bill of withdrawal, the speed of the miner’s processing of the transaction may be slower, fingerprint or facial recognition can be avoided.And ensure that the setting fee is sufficient to pay the cost of miners in order to promote your transactions to be packaged and confirmed as soon as possible.