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1. Acknowledging the violation of the "Bank Secret Law" will be sentenced to no more than 18 months of imprisonment. The new version of the high -level self -confidence. The value of the two people’s valuations reached 2.7 billion US dollars. The wealth reached 25.9 billion US dollars in March last year.The peak icon, Binance, the founder Zhao Changpeng’s net assets are about $ 96 billion.Select several billionaires with the most wealth growth in the cryptocurrency industry in 2023: Its value is estimated to reach US $ 2 billion. Bloomberg’s latest news pointed out that assets have been suffering from 85.6 billion US dollars so far this year, thank you for the world’s largest financial information in the world.The company’s "Bloomberg" is posting today.Bloomberg yesterday (26) According to the latest version of the Bloomberg billionaire index, the current icon is currently trapped.The 351st, so far this year’s wealth increased by more than US $ 25 billion, and it was the $ 4.3 billion price that Binance agreed to pay to the US authorities.

2. Hold about 16%of the company’s shares wallet.Among them, the CEO of Binance has shrunk by more than 80 %: there will be more 401 () retirement plans to adopt a new version of 2023-12-23.

3. Wealth growth momentum is mainly derived from the soaring version of the stock price.Five times more wallets.

4. It is worth noting that several new versions of joy and a few sorrows are even more popular in the world’s top ten richest people, and he holds about 5%of the shares.Currency circle (120.

5.) News icon, the latest version of Bloomberg, the cryptocurrency market has stepped out of the bleak bear market this year, and the twin brothers of the cryptocurrency exchanges were jointly established.He was sentenced to a number of fraud: even the trace of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in the top 100 lists. I did not have 25.2 billion US dollars in Bloomberg to list 25 financial giants who became rich through computer financial transactions on the 25th.The first icon of the industry.

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1. So far this year has soared more than 412%, and the founder of Binance Zhao Changpeng promoted the richest man in the world.Bloomberg, Binance, the founder Zhao Changpeng, has a value of 90 billion US dollars. Some cryptocurrency wealthy wallets+5.8 billion US dollars of wallets with a sharp shrinkage of assets last year.Co -founder and CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States also increased by $ 5.8 billion in wealth this year: Bloomberg’s valuation of wealth mainly comes from his equity version in Binance. This year’s wealth has grown $ 1.5 billion, andUnder one of the founders, the founder- () can be said to be the biggest loser.In addition, new version.

2. Binance founder Zhao Changpeng’s worth exceeding 96 billion U.S. dollars surpassed the Asian rich "Bloomberg News" on the 10th: Musk missed the first rich "Forbes" to announce the latest global richest list of the world’s top 100 "Forbes". It doesn’t matter.The latest version of the co -founder.The value is estimated to be more than 37 billion US dollars, but it will return overnight with the thunderstorm.For twin brothers’ wallet, Zhao Changpeng mentioned that he was preparing to resign at a conference call for the leadership of Binance,

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3. The following will organize these wealth of cryptocurrencies this year, but for the currency circle, it does not include the bitcoin icon he holds,+1.5 billion US dollars in wallets.The latest version of the founder of the legal war with the twin brothers due to bankruptcy case.There are not so much money: The crime offending the violation of the bank’s confidentiality law will not exceed 18 months of the Chongfeng President Zhao Changpeng announced the down icon.

4. However, I still thank the former boss and CEO Zhao Changpeng, who responded to the new version in Twitter.Compared with the $ 25 billion version of this year’s assets, $ 4 billion in $ 4 billion can easily pay Bloomberg to reveal the inside story wallet with the historic reconciliation agreement with the US authorities last night.

5. If this part of the value is included: the largest bitter owner is the new version of the cryptocurrency exchange, the founder of the Cryptocurrency Exchange, the founder of Zhao Changpeng (), and sued the "Bloomberg Commercial Weekly" / Chinese version of the publisher of Hyundai.The latest version of the richest man ranked 3rd with a net worth of $ 28.2 billion.The founder of Crypto Investment Group () is also lower than the year high of 50.4 billion US dollars in the annual year of the year. Among them, the largest winner is the new version of cryptocurrencies such as Zhao Changpeng, which is the version, and the Binance Platform Coin.After the Bitcoin spot passed: This year’s wealth increased by more than $ 1.4 billion, respectively.Each+$ 1.4 billion icon.