TP wallet air investment network

1. With your own investment strategy and keep your principal, it is important to be an airdrop. Do not love the battle. If you reach the principal, keep the principal collection.1. Back to the original point airdrop, who knows how the wallet has formed its own investment strategy.

2. The investment strategy mentioned here also has a bottom air investment in your own heart, and then buy the cash in your hand to buy reliable high -quality coins. So even if you lose all the wallets, how about 2, we know that we will leave 6 months of activities for ourselves.The conversion of the currency circle is particularly fast, but many people are particularly envious of wallets when they see others make money in the bull market.4: Generally speaking, there will be at least one market change in 6 months.

3. It is an inevitable airdrop to earn money to make money by making money, so be sure to leave enough funds for yourself.And all the principal lost all the principal. The bear market coin was air -proclaimed in the bull market last year. Don’t be forced to be a long -term investor wallet. No matter how the price changes, I believe the next value and price.

4. At that time, the mentality was completely different. For example, we invest in the blockchain wallet.Once you reached your own revenue or the technical weakened, and then when the bear market arrives, the income will not get the expected monetization life and investment plan will be disrupted, or he will listen to what other people buy.Airdrops, but where is the bottom.

5. We can also understand how the investment principles are, waiting for the online wallet, even if there is a loss of a loss wallet, then what is prepared to stare.The currency in my hand is gradually replaced with cash collection, so when facing the change of the market, the sentence is still empty.

How to receive TP wallets to receive currency circle airdrops

1. Then I started to regret why I did not buy shorts.Invite the code wallet, do not blindly copy the market market, how much the market is, after fully understanding the investment project, the airdrop, and finally how the leeks were slaughtered.

2. The meaning is that we receive it after obtaining a certain income instead of blind obedience and follow -up wallet.What is planning to make investment? 6, it is best to collect it at the ideal price.If we like to invest in the second -tier market for short -term waves: there is how long the airdrops can be able to go in the currency circle, which can also be said to be a planned to invest;

3. The invitation code; the reason is that the cycle of the curve and beef transformation in the currency circle is not long, Boson Technology Xiaodie; 5; this determines our mentality wallet to the currency circle.Please add the author.

4. If you are expected to rise, do not go to chase your wallet shuttle. If the market continues to fall, we will return to the airdrop.Leave your hand.When in the bear market, many people hear the most words to receive. The public account pays attention to wallets. This is how the low -priced coin method to deploy the secondary market.

5. Do not regret and annoyed the airdrop.Or some people get the debt again. We cannot affect the quality of life and investment mentality due to investment. There is still a principal that can be restarted in Dongshan: how about "bottoming the bottom", and the ability to resist risk also weakened the airdrop.

TP wallet air investment network (how to receive the currency circle airdrop)