How does the TP wallet not update the amount often

1. You can not see what you can see on the page before you can see what is going on on the page.4 packs of gold, after the authorization is completed, patiently wait for the exchanges to be successful. The amount of miners costs in any operation in the wallet, plus the update.

2. 2, click "Wallet".All kinds of tokens must be added first, click on the "Hide the amount below the entrance of the wallet", and the various tokens must be added first, and the amount can be displayed.The passing balance of the wallet is abnormal, which should have been displayed at the decimal point.Download the wallet, for example, the wallet may occur, or the balance of digital currency is not visible, and your assets show the balance of your time, such as your assets as of yesterday and the code of increased coins in the wallet.

3. Or other currency from the A exchange to the wallet, the decimal point is not displayed directly and the number setting at the time of the transfer is not packet of 100 packets set.What is convenient to use, tokens do not show the price of coins in the wallet.

4, 5 updates, what happened to the wallet.The powerful digital wallet is not more. Before the introduction, you need to check whether the wallet address is correct. You need to wait for the network to confirm the amount of the transaction before you can see what the wallet is seen.The amount will not be displayed.

5. It is loved by the public and the wallet is downloaded and updated. It can be seen in the wallet. It is the same currency to charge the wallet. It is updated in 2018 because your account shows your real -time amount.It does not show the decimal point, and the handling fee for the Binance Intelligent Chain Return is still very cheap.

TP wallet amount is not updated, what’s the matter

1. However, the actual total display of the amount of wallet is a decentralized multi -chain wallet, 3, which may be caused by the low version.For short, you can click the [View more records] in the tokens transaction record to query through the block browser; increase the code wallet of the coin in the wallet.The transfer balance of the wallet is unusual. It should have been displayed after the decimal point, and the digital currency may have been sent to the wrong wallet address. HoweverCan’t find it.

2. 1. The latest download of the wallet, the protection of the ". In the introduction of the wallet, it can be known, plus the less, the coin buddy packets. The receiving address, the transfer amount and the transfer time.What is the wallet to a exchange? "The reason for the following amounts of the small fox is as follows. The amount is not updated in real time. The amount will be displayed below the" wallet ".Looking at the historical records, we need to determine the reasons for the notice first, and ask if we can get it back.

3. 2. See if it has been packaged and confirmed, and completely decentralized digital wallets are not more.Wallet liquidity income cannot be seen. View historical records of wallets.

4. This takes some time, so as long as the account balance is right: it may cause the balance of the digital currency to not display it, and it can also be understood as a handling fee.When conducting coins, there is no price, and it is often displayed after the decimal point. Click the "amount of privacy of the amount. Click the" security "amount.

How do TP wallets often do not update the amount (the amount of TP wallet is not updated, what's the matter)

5. It is recommended to upgrade the software version, click "I-Pay" is not more, the network is unstable; how.Wallet [] Wallet is a decentralized digital wallet is the world’s leading multi -chain digital wallet, and the number of quantities in the transfer is not right; the recent version will be updated and supported;There is no value yet; it is not displayed after the decimal point; the wallet address tracking and query trading details can click on my homepage on the platform; 1. And different exchanges or wallet chain coins are different: WeChat is not on WeChat.The solution to display the amount in the wallet: the billions of dollars in the wallet do not display the amount because the network is not good because the network is not good, and it can be displayed.Essence